Behind-the-scenes of Black Cloud.

Wiretree and the future

Once upon a time, I directed this show called Hardly Sound. It was ostensibly a music documentary series but I turned it into something of an autobiography. 

Was it a tad self-indulgent? No. It was obscenely self-indulgent.

I'm still proud of it.

The final episode I directed was about Wiretree. I've been friends with them for a long time. In fact, Dan Blanchard, their drummer and a dear friend, came to visit Alex in the ICU. 

This episode documents the first time Alex and I met Jason Castleberry and Amber Price - the paramedics who saved her life. This episode is what jump started Black Cloud. Make no mistake. This film would not exist without this particular episode of Hardly Sound.

It's honestly kind of hard for me to watch both on a personal level and because I think I've grown so much as a storyteller. My technical abilities are also way more sound. But I think there's a power to this episode, and that it's a good indication of where I'm going with Black Cloud

In fact, I like the ending to this episode so much (the weird post-apocalyptic musing, the time lapse) that I'm mad I can't use it for the film. (I don't want to repeat myself.) I'm sure I'll come up with something equally powerful. At least, I hope so.

Favorite moments: 

-Visiting (and filming) Kevin and Rachel the day after their son was born.
-Josh telling us how his dad cried when he heard his guitar solo for the first time in the song "To The Moon." Gets me every single time.
-Dan being Dan.

We screened this episode at The Museum of Human Achievemen for a standing room only crowd. After the screening, Wiretree played a set. Alex danced, and Jason and Amber got to see that. Isn't that something? 

So here you go. A little blast from the past. A look into what came before, and what is inspiring the future.