Behind-the-scenes of Black Cloud.

That New Path

I apologize sincerely for the lack of communication on my end in the past few months. Here's the reason: 

Alex and I have broken up. I won't get into the reasons or too much detail because they're far too personal and complicated. We do ask for privacy while we both transition into our next chapters. A few months have passed and I can tell you that we're both okay or on the road to being okay, and I am optimistic that we are both going to recover from this. I feel an enormous amount of gratitude for the experiences and love that we shared, for the trials we collectively endured, and for the life we built with each other in those five years. I am such a better person for having met and loved her. 

I don't like putting this news out there in this public way - I value my privacy but I value Alex's privacy more - and under normal circumstances this is the kind of thing I wouldn't write about online. However, for those of you who have kept up with the film, you know that the story of Alex's accident and rescue is the catalyst for this whole thing. It matters to Black Cloud and therefore I feel I owe my donors and supporters this update.

That being said, let me be perfectly clear:

Black Cloud will be completed and released no matter what. I'm sorry to say I don't have a release date that I can give you yet but I promise that it will get done and released eventually. 

It's possible that it will now change shape or structure. It's possible it may change tone. It's possible it'll be a lot different than I imagined it when I initially cooked up this idea. It's possible that it'll now take a little longer to make. It also makes an already emotionally harrowing project that much more intense for me.

But the mission hasn't changed. I started this film with the purpose of documenting and honoring the lives of EMS workers - particularly those in Austin-Travis County who have had a profound impact on my life. That is still the engine of this film - that's what has and will continue to drive this project forward.

Black Cloud is a film that defies happy endings. I've learned that over and over again as I make this thing. But it also defies entirely tragic endings, I think - even when things don't work out the way you imagined, even if what you thought was destiny turns out to be something else, even when terrible things happen to us, there's a path forward. Will it be better? I have no clue. I know only this: there's nothing that makes me love humanity more than seeing someone muster the will and courage it takes to keep walking down that new path. 

Alex is still completely committed to this film and its mission. You can imagine how important and passionate she feels about getting the stories of EMS folk out there. That hasn't wavered, and I know she'd want me to tell you that she's still ready to tell their story through her story. In fact, I'm filming with her tomorrow.

Thank you for your continued faith in this film. It does not go unnoticed. It gives me strength and fuels my sense of purpose. I will do my best to live up to your goodwill.


Chris Kim