Behind-the-scenes of Black Cloud.

New video!

Well, we've hit our first stretch goal already so, as promised, here's a never-before-seen, brand new scene from the film!

City Hall!

Yesterday, Austin Mayor Steve Adler recognized ‪#‎EMSWeek‬ with an official proclamation. I was tremendously honored that Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services decided to show the trailer for Black Cloud.

Photo by  Bryan C. Parker

I don't know if I imagined it but it seemed like the crowd got intensely quiet once the trailer got rolling. I was pretty nervous. It's odd. Having made this trailer and seen it countless times, it's easy to forget whether it works or not. Seeing it in front of a crowd for the first time made me see it with fresh eyes, and what that did to me was make my hands all tingly.

When I drove from Alex's accident scene to the hospital, I distinctly remember my hands literally going numb. It seems like any time I think intensely on the accident, there's some echo of that. Hence, tingly hands.

I think the audience got it. It's hard to explain in words how important EMS is to a community. You kind of just have to see it and hear it from them, and I think the trailer did that effectively. I hope the movie does, too.

Photo by  Bryan C. Parker

It was a tremendous honor, and I continue to feel so lucky to get to do this.

Thank you to my good friend Bryan C. Parker Photography for documenting the event for us! Go hire him!

Photo by   Bryan C. Parker

Photo by Bryan C. Parker

Photo by   Bryan C. Parker

Photo by Bryan C. Parker

We've hit our goal!!! (And we're a Kickstarter staff pick!)


Uh, that was quick. 

I'm going to be honest and say I never would've thought that we'd get this far so soon! We've already hit our minimum goal and it's only day 2

Thank you to all of you amazing people. I've gotten such an incredible outpouring of support since we launched this campaign. It really tells me how hungry everyone is for these stories.

What does this mean for us? Well, keep in mind that $5000 has always just been the minimum. That's what we would've needed to just barely get by. What it comes down to is this: 

The more we make, the more I can focus exclusively on Black Cloud.

And the more I can focus exclusively on Black Cloud, the better Black Cloud will be.

Currently, this is a "weekend" project at best. All of my other freelance work simply takes precedence so I can, y'know, pay rent. Every dollar we raise beyond our minimum goal allows me to devote more time to this film.

Again, thank you to everyone who has donated and/or spread the word about the campaign and the film. My heart is flooded with gratitude. It is an incredibly vulnerable experiencing when you let people finally see a piece of a project you're passionate about, and to be met with such a positive response has been incredibly strengthening.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!